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Privacy policy

Simple, and in plain English...

  • We store everything you add to our system on a secure dedicated server.
  • We store your email, username, the date and time you signed up and your order number.
  • We do not store ANY payment information.
  • Your password is stored on our database in a securely encrypted format. We can't "reverse engineer" it. If you forget it, you'll have to request a new one.
  • By using our services you give us permission to send you emails.
  • Ref the above point... don't worry we have no intention of spamming you!
  • We won't give, sell or share your information with anybody. Period.

If you want a full record of all of the information that we store that is in any way connected to your account then just email us and ask, and we'll send it to you. Although, you could just log in to your account. Everything about you that we have access to, you have access to too!

If you cancel your membership, by default, we will not remove your information from out database straight away. We purge the server roughly once per month. So if you leave and decide to come back you don't have to start over from scratch. If we still have your info on the system we can reactivate your account and it'll be just as you left it. But if, for any reason, you do want us to wipe all traces of you and everything you ever uploaded to our system from our database just let us know.